Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some Credit Card Hacking Softwares

Credit Card Fraud
Credit Card Maker 1.1b
Credit Card Number Finder
Credit Card Verification
Credit Carding
Credit Cards Trojan
Credit Probe v1.0
Credit Wizard
Credit Wizard 1.0
Credit Wizard 1.1
CreditMaster 2.0
CreditMaster 4.0
FakeID 3.0
Fraud Utilities 1.1.01
Fraud3r 1.0
Getting the Cards
How The PIN Is Computed For A Visa Card
How To Make Your Own VALID American Express Numbers In One Easy Step
MPI Credit Master 3.0
Official Guide to Carding
Recognizing credit cards
Some Unchangable Digits in Visa Credit Cards
The Art of Carding
The Bible of Fraud
The Cardists Utils 1.01a
The Dropsite
V-Card 1.25
What You Need To Know About Smart-Cards And Electronics Phonecards


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